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welcome to nema kunku nursery school

Watch the video of POHGEP president Wayne Young welcoming you to the Nema Kunku Nursery School.
Welcome to Nema Kunku Nursery School. The school is for students ages 3 through 6.
the school includes two blocks of classrooms
the children sit six to table
The school includes two blocks. The Barbara Fennessy block (right) has four classrooms. The John Randall block has two classrooms. Randall and Fennessy are members of England-based Gambia Link, which provides funding. The children sit six to a table. Posters and other educational materials fill the classrooms. Mandinka, Fula and Wolof are the first languages of many of the students. Students are largely taught in English.
the sand-filled play area includes swing sets the bantaba or meeting place.  bantaba means meeting place in mandinka
The sand-filled play area includes swing sets. The bantaba (bantaba means "meeting place" in Mandinka) is in front of the swing sets.
The Ray Browne Bantaba. (Browne, now deceased, was a member of Gambia Link.)
the toilets and water spigot the alphabet painted on the school's fence
There are four student toilets and one staff toilet. In front of the toilet block is a water spigot. As you saw in the video, we entered the compound through the green gates.
The alphabet and accompanying graphics adorn the compound's fence.