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welcome to alhaji mamour secca memorial nursery/ lower basic school<

Wish List 2015

You can help a student receive a higher quality education for a whole year for only $75; the parents will be responsible for the $106 balance.
See Secca School Fees Spreadsheet.

(There are typically 30 students per class at this private school versus the more than 60 students per class sometimes found at a public school with two instructional shifts. Private school fees at this school are $106 more per year than the public school fees.)

Wish List History

2013 - $700 was the estimated cost to replace the corrugated roof on the original classrooms. The final cost was only $407.81. See POHGEP Completes Roof Project in Gambia. Completed 3/2013. Overage $60.19. Details cost estimate. (Excel file)

2014 - We paid $75 of the $181.25 in school fees for each of the 5 children our donors sponsored.


mr. and mrs. jallow

Meet the Jallows

When you turn on the television, open a newspaper or flip through a magazine, if there is a story about development in Africa, the developer is probably non-African. This is not always the case.

Momodou Jallow and Ndeye Secca-Jallow are examples of self development taking place in Africa. The Gambian couple is helping to raise the standard of education in the economically-challenged West African country through the Alhaji Mamour Secca Memorial Nursery/Lower Basic School.

In 1989, when they started the school in the Old Jeshwang neighborhood outside of Banjul, the capital city, their home’s sitting room doubled as their first classroom. Today, two permanent structures house the 226-pupil nursery and lower basic schools named after Ndeye’s father, who was a public health worker.

While the government provides free education for children ages 6 to 12, and for a limited number of girls beyond age 12, many parents opt for less-crowded private schools such as Secca Memorial. “Our intentions have always been to complement the government’s effort to bring education to the doorstep of every citizen,” asserts Momodou. He ended his retirement to work with the school.

As a private school, Secca Memorial’s income comes from school fee payments. Nursery fees run 1,650 dalasis ($62) per year, while the lower basic fees run 2,400 dalasis ($90) per year. The typical worker earns only 21,360 dalasis ($800) per year.

“Some students do not pay regularly or promptly,” added Ndeye. With an annual budget of about D363,000 ($13,600) and teachers’ salaries running D445,000 ($16,700), the Jallows are constantly chasing dalasis to fill the D82,000 ($3,100) budget shortfall.

The couple remains committed, however, to supplementing the government’s goal to provide an education to all students by 2015.

Note: Mr. Jallow passed in 2012.