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outside secca school

secca memorial grounds

Headmaster Mr. Jallow and Mrs. Jallow (not related) welcome you to the Alhaji Mamour Secca Memorial Nursery (ages 3 through 6) and Lower Basic School (ages 7 to 13) in Old Jeshwang. Being resourceful, Mrs. Jallow moved the nursery school to the newly built buildings (darker peach colored buildings) on the compound of her lower basic school.
secca memorial nursery school

inside secca memorial nursery school

The nursery school has three classrooms. Mrs. Jallow hopes to build a second story to house the computer classroom and library. The interior of one of the three nursery school classrooms.
The alhaji mamour secca memorial lower basic school courtyard. One of six classrooms at the lower basic school located about two blocks from the nursery school.
This is the Alhaji Mamour Secca Memoria Nursery / Lower Basic School courtyard.
Here is one of six classrooms at the lower basic school.