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West Africans In Early America
juffreh slavery musuem

Historians often present African-American history as if it started when Africans boarded slave ships. And as the enslaved made contributions to the development of the United States, society either ignored their contributions or acknowledged their inputs and Blackness, but ignored their specific African heritage.

These nine panels present the history of nine men and women who made contributions to the development of the United Sates during a time when many Europeans believed that Africans were incapable of intelligent thoughts. When providing their history, we included information about their specific African heritage to inspire Africa’s children at home and abroad.

Presented in March 2012. The nine panels now hang at:

this way This Way to this Exhibit

From These Shores
Benedita da Silva

From These Shores presents the images and biographies of an array of Africans, who over time and geography, have and are still contributing to the advancement of humankind in a multitude of fields.  When creating this array, we looked beyond the names and achievements that typically come to our tongues and in lands many do not often associate with Africa.

We also sought depictions equally as diverse. The images include photographs and paintings created just for this exhibit. From black and white photos to colorful acrylics and air brush portraits, the images also reflect the diversity of the various artists.

From These Shores: You Can Help Create
a New Diaspora History Exhibition

Other Activities

Friday Night at the Movies in Old Jeswang
"Bronx Princess"
April 2011
Glory Baptist Church
Old Jeswang

Movies Under the Stars
March 2014
Baobab Youth Development Association
Nema Kunku

Movies Under the Stars
"Black Panther"
March 2014
Baobab Youth Development Association
Nema Kunku
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