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labron james

LeBron James
Athlete and Philanthropist
(1984 - )
United States

A Cleveland, Ohio basketball prodigy since elementary school, LeBron James was Ohio’s Mr. Basketball (high-school player of the year) three times. The Cleveland Cavaliers chose him to play professionally during the first overall selection of the 2003 National Basketball Association (NBA) draft. He signed an unprecedented $90 million endorsement contract with Nike, Inc. before he played a professional game. The four-time Most Valuable Player (MVP) award winner is also a three-championship team member.

As a philanthropist, his I Promise program offers its students free tuition, uniforms, breakfast, lunch, snacks, transportation within two miles, a bicycle and a helmet, access to a food pantry for their families, and guaranteed tuition for all graduates to matriculate at the University of Akron.

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