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sophia redmond

Sophie Redmond
Doctor and Keeper of the Culture

Sophie Redmond was a doctor with her own practice in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. She often wore a koto, the African-Surinamese traditional dress. Her work was mostly in Sranantongo, an English-based Creole language.

Many called her datra fu pôtisma (doctor of the poor). She also gave advice on marriage, family, and financial issues. During her weekly radio show, “Datra, mi wan aksi wan sani” (Doctor, I have a question), she discussed health, hygiene, the household, and current social issues. She acted in and wrote plays, often using them to educate the audience on topics ranging from elections to blood transfusions. There is a street named for her in Paramaribo as well as a lecture series in Amsterdam.

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