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baobab youth development association

(Left to right, front row) Jainaba Jobe, Fatou Touray, Buba Camara, Jabel Ceesay, andMomodou S. Jallow

(Left to right, middle row) Krubally, Amie Mballow, Ousman Bah, Teneng Conteh, and Omar Bojang

(Left to right, last row) Sadibou Sey, Aliu Jallow, Samba Jange, Biran Ceesay, Amadou Camara, Demba Bah, Muhammed Nyass, and Omar Camara

Baobab Youth
Development Association

“We have connected with the people in our community, Nema Kunka, but would like to connect and network with a similar organization in the United States,” says Baobab Youth Development Association president Buba Camara.

What makes this youth association unusual and hard to match with any American group is that these 18 to 45-year olds focus on physically developing their community. In the United States, such tasks are often left to groups dominated by older adults.

The Baobab Youth Development Association’s 72 members live in Nema Kunka, an economically-challenged community, south of Banjul, the capital city of The Gambia, West Africa.

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