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“From These Shores” celebrates the accomplishments of known and lesser-known Africans throughout time and across geography.

The depictions included in this exhibition are equally diverse. The images include photographs and paintings created specifically for this exhibition. From black and white photographs to colorful acrylics and air brush portraits, the images reflect the diversity of the various artists.

We display the exhibition’s name in the eight most common languages spoken in The Gambia. 

Presented in March 2023. The panels hang at: Click the image or name of a person to read more about the celebrated person, and the creative artist and his/her/their creation.
Benkos Biohó

Benkos Biohó

(late 16th century-1621)

george washington carver

George Washington Carver

Agriculturist Extraordinaire
(1860? – 1943)
United States

Aimé Césaire and Suzanne (née Roussi) Cesaire

Aimé Césaire
(1913-2008) and Suzanne (née Roussi) Cesaire
(1915 –1966)

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett

Viral Immunologist, Moderna Vaccine Co-developer
(1986 -    )
United States

claudia cumberbatch

Claudia Vera Jones (Cumberbatch)

Organizer and Renaissance Person
(1915 – 1964)
Trinidad and Tobago

Benedita da Silva

Susana  Esther Baca de la Colina

Susana Esther Baca de la Colina

(1944 -    )

mathia de sousa

Mathias de Sousa

First African American Legislator in the future United States
(circa 1600s- circa 1600s)
United States

queen nanny

Queen Nanny

Liberator and National Heroe
(circa 1685 — circa 1750)

labron james

LeBron James

Athlete and Philanthropist
(1984 - )
United States

sebastina lemba-walker

Sebastián Lemba (I of II)

Liberator and National Hero
(circa 1500 – circa 1547)
Dominican Republic

sebastiain lemba

Sebastián Lemba (II of II)

Liberator and National Hero
(circa 1500 – circa 1547)
Dominican Republic


Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez
First Black Cosmonaut
(January 29, 1942 - )

sophia redmond

Sophie Redmond

Doctor and Keeper of the Culture

International Aviation Pioneer (1903-1954)
United States

bayard rustin

Bayard Rustin

Consummate Organizer
(1912 – 1987)
United States

rosemary sadlier

Rosemary Sadlier

Canadian Black History Historian
(19?? -    )

PresidentVicente Ramón Guerrero Saldaña

Vicente Ramón Guerrero Saldaña

Mexico’s First Black Indian President

Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson

Lawyer and Museum Founder
(1959 -   )
United States

Why Does This Exhibit Have Two Images of Sebastián Lemba? Plus, Three Questions and Answers

kevin turner

The Making of From These Shores

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